AWEG Publications   

Since inception, AWEG has published a number of books, articles, newsletters, information and education and communication materials on related facet of the organisation, which documents both research findings carried out by the organisation and its activities.

Some of these publications are:
1. Handbook for the Implementation of School Age Democracy in Nigeria (SADIN)
2. Report on the SADIN Implementation in South Eastern Nigeria
3. Good Governance Newsletter
4. AWEG and Democratisation in Nigeria (SADIN Brochure)
5. Letter to My Daughter (Hand Bill on Counter Trafficking)
6. Peace Education Curriculum for Schools (In Progress)
7. An Interface of Elected and Civil Society Women In Edo State.

These publications are available on demand.
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P. O. Box 8083, Benin City, Edo State.

Phone: 08023514832 ,08023060147